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Jun, 2020

Return to Play Guidance

We have received guidance from the Buffalo Grove Park District for proper field use during Phase 4 of the “Restore Illinois” plan.  Here is a basic rundown of how we will need to operate this season according to the guidance:

  • Social Distancing is still required off the field of play.The field of play is defined from the right field fence line to the left field fence line.In cases where there is no or a limited fence please use good judgement.
  • Please limit the number spectators to no more than (2) people per player on all fields.
  • Signage (schematics) will be placed at all ball fields with regard to numbers of spectators in a given area.We will also make these available on our website as we get them. There will also be reminders about social distancing and mask use.
  • Mask Usage is required by everyone except for players, coaches, and umpires actually on the field of play as described above.
    • This means players in the dugouts or spectator areas should be masked until they go onto the field of play.However, a player, coach or umpire may wear a mask on the field if they prefer.
  • No Sunflower Seeds or gum is to be brought to any field.There will be no food in the dugouts or on the field of play of any kind.
  • Individual Water Bottles are allowed and should be clearly marked and NOT SHARED.There will not be “team or shared” food or water provided at any time.
    • Concession Stand operation is still being worked out.
  • No Celebrations or non-baseball play contact of any kind.No homerun celebrations, high fives, fist bumps, handshakes etc.
    • It is suggested that teams line up 6’ apart on opposite foul lines and wave or in some manner give respect to the opposing team.Keep in mind this can only be done after a game IF there is more than an hour before the next game on that field.
  • Pre-Game warm ups are allowed on the fields by both teams.HOWEVER, one team may use the infield while the other team may use the outfield.We will be staggering start times to avoid cross over from one game to the next.
  • The Batting Cages at the Emmerich Facility and at Kilmer are going to be one pitcher and one batter in the cage and cage area at a time.Other players should social distance while waiting.
  • UMPIRES can stand behind the catcher or 6 feet behind the pitcher.It is up to the umpire and is not debatable.

There will be other guidelines and managers and coaches will be informed of them and let you all know.  If you have questions please send a message via our Facebook Page or you can email:

[email protected]

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