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Pinto League (1st Grade)

Pinto League is run as an informal league intended to teach the fundamentals of baseball. This league will be the first league where overhand pitching is introduced. The first part of the season will be pitched by the coaches. The second part of the season will be pitched by the players and will utilize Farm league rules (see below for details). Baseball rules are reinforced. No standings will be kept and there will be no post season tournament.

PINTO Rules (last updated 2020)
The "Official Baseball Rules" published by Major League Baseball (not Little League Organization) shall govern the playing rules of BGRA. The rules listed below are supplemental and specific to PINTO .

In the 1st part of the season the following rules shall apply:

  1. Coaches shall pitch overhand and from a reasonable distance.
  2. Ball/Strike count will not be kept.

In the 2nd part of the season the following rules shall apply:

  1. Farm League rules will be used (i.e. Player/Coach pitch). EXCEPTION: Pitchers will only be allowed to pitch 1 inning maximum per game.


Batting Rules:

  1. Bunting is not permitted
  2. Roster batting shall be used. Roster batting consists of placing all players in a sequential batting order regardless of the number of players present. All players will bat when their turn in the order is reached whether or not they are currently playing in the field.
  3. When a batter already has a ball-strike count on him/her and cannot continue to bat, due to injury only, the batter who has made the last out will come to the plate with the count of the injured batter. If no out in the game has been made, the last batter in the lineup will come to the plate. This applies to this at-bat only.
  4. A team warning will be given to a team in which a player throws his bat. Any subsequent thrown bat by the warned team will be an automatic out. If necessary, have the players carry the bat to first base.
  5. The infield fly rule shall not apply
  6. No team shall score more than 5 runs in one inning. When 5 runs are scored, the team shall change sides even though there are not three outs. If a team is behind by more than five runs going into the last inning they are still given the opportunity to bat.


Base Running Rules:

  1. Runner may not slide head first into home or any base.
  2. Base runners are not permitted to steal or lead-off bases.
  3. Base runners may not advance to the next base after the ball has been returned to the pitcher and the pitcher is on the pitching rubber. However, if a base runner is more than halfway to the next base he may proceed to that base. Once the pitcher is on the pitching rubber with the ball all play stops.

Length of Games:

Regulation games shall be six innings. Games will have a 90 minutes time limit.

Players and Substitutions:

  1. Free substitution shall be used:
    Any player can enter, leave, and re-enter the game as often as the Team Manager permits. Substitution refers to fielding positions and not batting positions. Once the batting order is set at the beginning of the game, it cannot be changed. Players can leave and enter the game only at the beginning of an inning unless an injury occurs. Players can play any position in an inning with the exception of the pitcher, who once removed as a pitcher cannot return to that position during the game. A new pitcher, during an inning, can come from the players that started the inning on the field. If the new pitcher comes from the bench, the pitcher being replaced must return to the bench. He/she cannot play the field during the remainder of that inning.
  2. Players play in every game.
  3. Every player must play at least 2 innings in the infield
  4. Every player must play at least 1 inning in the outfield
  5. No player will sit twice before every player sits once. The only exception is for the pitcher of record, who when removed from the game must sit the following inning.
  6. All Leagues in any instance in which a team does not have an eligible substitute for a player who becomes ill, is injured, or is ejected from the lineup by an umpire, a player who is otherwise eligible to play, shall be used for a substitute. In the event a team does not have an eligible substitute as described above and cannot field nine players after the game has started, that team may continue the game with eight or less players. No automatic out will be taken.
  7. Withholding a player from a game for disciplinary reasons must be approved by the league director prior to the game.
  8. Any manager who feels he has a player who is physically unable to play the game safely, must notify the League Director. At game time (prior or during) the opposing manager must be notified. Any manager who deliberately omits any player from a regularly scheduled game without previously contacting the League Director will forfeit the game and be subject to suspension or other action as determined by the Board of Directors
  9. Adding Players:
    If a team cannot field nine players from their roster for a regular season game, the manager may bring up a player(s) from the lower league so the team has nine at the start of the game BUT not more than nine.
    1. If a player(s) needs to be called up, the player must come from prior league (e.g. Stallion gets call-ups from Farm).
    2. A manager must:
      a. Obtain the permission of the player’s manager; failure to do so may result in forfeiture of game.
      b. Obtain the permission of the player’s parent or guardian if under the age of 18.
      c. Not use the player brought up as a pitcher or catcher.
      d. Not play the player over a regular team player. If a regular team player arrives at the playing field after the game has started, the player will be added to the end of the lineup. A called up player shall play the entire game even if a rostered player shows up after the game begins, subject to league substitution rules
    3. Added players must bat in lineup after all regular team members
    4. Players who are brought up to play in another league shall be limited to playing in a maximum of 5 games for any one team during the course of the season.
    5. Players who are brought up to play in another league are also limited to playing a maximum of 10 games in any league other than their own.
    6. Any team violating the above substitution rules, except as stated, shall forfeit all games in which the above violations occurred.
  10. Dropping Players
    1. No player will be dropped from a team during the season without the consent and approval of the Board of Directors
    2. A player may be dropped if he does not conform to the league rules and regulations.
    3. Verbal and written confirmation of such action will be given to the parents after all factors are considered by the board.

Weather Conditions:
1. At the first sign of lightning the game shall be called and the field vacated.
2. If thunder is heard, everyone(Players, Umpires, Managers, and Spectators) must leave the field and dugout area immediately. The covered seating areas at Jay Jones and Emmerich North may not be used as shelter. If there is no additional thunder heard within 15 minutes, the game may resume.
3. If thunder is heard a second time anytime thereafter the game shall be called and the field vacated.
4. Should the Heat Index be greater than 106 the game will be cancelled. If it's between 101-105, playing the game is at the managers' discretion.

Bat Regulations:
1. All composite bats must have either a “USABaseball”, "BBCOR”, or "BPF 1.15” stamp. Composite bats that are not certified with the required stamp will not be allowed for use in BGRA games and practices. The transition from the handle to the barrel can be composite. 
2. Big Barrel specifications:
a.  Big barrel bats are allowed in all leagues, though must be "USABaseball" or "BBCOR" approved bats (big barrel bats with a “BPF 1.15” stamp are "not" allowed).  Big barrel size must not exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter.
b. If using a “BPF 1.15” approved bat, the barrel size must not exceed 2 ¼ inches in diameter.
3. There are no Drop restrictions in any BGRA House league.
4. Note: In 2021, "BPF 1.15" bats will no longer be allowed.


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